#100sareepact Saree # 28

My second black in a row in the pact. This is a lovely old Balucheri (Thank you my fellow pacters for enlightening me on this! ) that belongs to my sister, Uma. It was tucked away somewhere in the corner of her wardrobe and it was the soft material and the lovely Ramayana motifs all over the saree that caught my attention. When I saw the pallu, I was totally in love. Coincidentally, I had the perfect blouse for this. The blouse is actually left over material from a salwar kameez and was stitched 16 years back! Yes, you read it right, 16 years and rI wore it for the first time only yesterday! Guess it was waiting for the perfect match 🙂

Nag, as always , ensured there was a pic clicked before I left for work. The saree was a great hit at work with colleagues being generous with praise! The sweet Pooja, stopped by to click a pic as well (You are a darling, Pooja!)

The day ended on the perfect note, met 2 of my dearest friends, Kaushal and Ruchi (missed you Sowmya!) at Church Street Social and no prizes for guessing that I was the only one in a saree there! No idea how time flew! It was past midnight by the time I reached home, making it the longest day in a saree for me in this pact – 16 hours straight, and that too without travelling out of Blr! But if there was any saree to choose to be in, the entire day, it is this. What a gentle delight this one was!