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So when I planned a saree date I didn’t know how would I do it. I have been posting picture and it was mostly for pact-ers. Some of the local friends have been reading but wasn’t sure how actively they would like to be part of it. Also this is a very busy season in Boston area, with many programs, festival and Diwali around the corner, finding a day for oneself is very difficult. So the invites went out and I learnt many people don’t even see the facebook invite. I still get the phone call oh I would have come if known not knowing they haven’t seen my invite on FB : ) I am sure many will think the same once this post is out.

So with many last minute cancellations we were finally eight in numbers. These ladies were from different walk of my life, after introduction I talked how they are part of my life. Some of them I have known for over 18 yrs.

Deepa wore this beautiful offwhite and red combination fashion saree, a smiling Deepa couldn’t keep her joy that her husband bought this saree last year. A puneri tamilian Deepa’s very Madrasi Tamilian husband bought a fashion saree not the silk. She looked stunning in that saree. Her husband and mine worked in Telco together 20+ yrs ago. And we met in Boston again and we pulled them to Franklin when they were looking for house.

Pushpaji, wore saree from her boutique. We all knew she has great collection of sarees but we didn’t know she stated the boutique as a promise to her daughter as a hope after an accident. She always loved sarees and felt that idea gave her daughter a reason and will power to recover faster. I have seen her wrapped in beautiful colors and fabrics over the last four years I have known.

UshaJi..wore a fancy saree but talked about the first sree she wore for her brother’s wedding when she was 11. How a telugu tom boy from Mumbai had to wear female clothes when went to Hydarabad for bothers wedding. How that saree could keep her away from jumping through the windows and the brother’s in laws side of the family still remember that.

Shalini wore her first saree a silk in coffee color. Her mother bought it for her in her 12th grade. The saree still looked new. She couldn’t stop smiling while talking about this saree. Many memories associated with this saree including few of her newly wed days. I met Shalini in 2001 in Norwood, down the road we lost touch but facebook and now Saree pact revived the friendship all over again.

Anjani wore the mustard silk with work on it. She wore the saree for her son’s graduation. We could feel the pride and love when she talked about her son. She said “we didn’t do many functions for him so I wanted to do his graduation in a bigger way”. That sentence was very powerful, how as a mother we always feel we could do better for our kids. It never changes. Anjani, you looked beautiful and proud and oh so motherly.. She was a young bride and didn’t know what to do with the heavy silk with her mother and MIL in India while moving to USA. I felt she chose the perfect saree for the day. I met her when I moved to Franklin.

Divya wore the spree she got in her first year of marriage. She is one of those lucky daughters in law who gets another set of parents as in Laws. She is very fond of her in laws. She fondly talked about her time in Calcutta and that spree was a reminder of her that first year of her blissful time with them

I loved the plain silk she wore.

Geeta’s husband was the first colleague of mine; soon I became friends with his daughter and wife. It’s been more than 7 years, I have been moved to another group but Geeta and I maintained our friendship. She wore a nice Gujarati saree of her co-sister. Her passed away few years ago and Geeta lovingly remembered her how helpful she was to her when Geeta and her husband moved to United States. Both the co-sisters shared a great bond and were there for each other. Her love was so visible when she spoke of the saree.

The Saree date was a reminder of our past for all of us but it inspired us to look forward in future too. All the stories were so much part of what we are as person. The 6 yards is a real  powerful medium to narrate the stories of our life.


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