#100sareepact Saree # 38

Inching towards the 40s, the kalamkari love continues. The earlier one was from Andhra whereas this is from Jaipur. This is my sin saree….broke my minimalist pact to buy this (2nd time…atleast the first one was to support a friend who had just started her boutique…can’t think of an excuse for this, except that this was too lovely to resist!)

A dream saree to drape. Paired it with a blue blouse from another saree and random accessories. Was pleasantly surprised when the lovely Meeta (who I met for a coffee that day), called it the ‘well put together look’! What fun it was to meet her and that too at the gorgeously verdant IIM. Amazing to discover how much we had in common. Thanks to the #100sareepact, meeting so many wonderful women who are fast becoming friends

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