8/100 – Happiness is when you are a reason for someone else’s smile!!!
This is a Ganga-Jamuna Silk cotton which I had picked up from Mysore – PSR silks in Oct 2012. I loved the trio of colours the moment I saw it – Pink – Green – Purple.
Had been there with my MIL. My MIL was confined to the bed for almost 1.5 years during which she was not able to travel and was missing her relatives immensely. Then as she was back on her toes, there was a function at her brother’s place in Mysore which she so much wanted to attend. FIL and my hubby both were unable to travel and I knowing the pain specially when u have to meet your maternal side of the family, came forward and offered to go with her. First she hesitated but then I sorted my work, cook, maids and we left for 4 days. That trip was one of my MIL’s best trip. She got to meet most of her relatives and that too at her own pace without any interruption from anyone. I remember that happiness which I brought to her face when I wear this saree 

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