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A discussion thread about the Mumbai Saree date was the germ of the idea for the pune Saree date.
A Facebook group of the Saree Pacters was immediately formed, each one adding the ones they knew.
Without even  meeting each other, there was a sense of camaraderie and of course a love for the six yards.
Even the date and venue was finalised without much  delay and finally the day dawned!
Me, a native puneri drove  down from Mumbai and so did Sonia.
This group of 14 women in beautiful drapes bonded effortlessly and we chatted as if we had known each other for ever- some we knew from before and some from the pact! But at the end of a long session of clicking photos unabashedly , eating, laughing and talking over myriad topics, we women from different professions, of different ages and personalities knew that our common love for the Saree had bonded us in ways more than one.
Some of us were apprehensive about meeting women whom we had never met, some of us were initially reserved, some hesitant to even come for the get together… And today we have a Whatsapp group and we are still talking, still forging stronger bonds!
Here’s to more such dates, and to more friendships!
Thank you Ally and Anju for making this happen ..

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