9/100 – A real Love Story!!
This is a cotton sari with gold zari which belonged to my mother and I pkd it from her few years back just because I liked it. I’m wearing a golden blouse with it and not to miss the “Chaffa” (Temple tree/Plumeria) flowers. I look more like my Mom today. When I got these “Chaffa” flowers in the market yesterday I decided to wear this saree.
Almost 40 years ago, before getting married my parents were colleagues at MSEB, Palghar. My father was called by his elder bro, to decide and finalise a girl for himself. Just before leaving for native, my father bought these “Chaffa” flowers and packed it with a “Proposal” note and left it with one of his friend to hand it over to my Mom. Papa returned after 10-15 days and was thrilled to know that mom has accepted his proposal. Against all odds they got married (my Mom has leukoderma right from age 12), but that never bothered my Papa. I’m talking abt 70’s friends when all this and to add to it caste system was also a barrier.
These flowers are a significance of their love and am celebrating that love by wearing Mom’s saree with her favourite flowers today….