#WorldSareeDay, Bengaluru, 21st December 2015

#100sareepact Bengaluru chapter celebrates #worldsareeday.
Through this year, as the pact was made theirs by many more pacters, it has evolved steadily from telling the story of the saree to telling the stories of our lives.
We have each honoured the weavers who tirelessly weave not knowing who will wear the saree they create, we have honoured our history and our rich culture by wearing sarees and telling the stories of where they originated from, the weaves, the motifs and the influences, every time we draped a saree.
But mostly we have honoured our relationships and people who matter the most to us. By distilling our thoughts with each saree we have worn on the pact, we have attempted to answer one question : Who am I ?
And in every story told, we have found a little bit of ourselves.
Thank you, Anand Johnwesley, for these amazing photographs that captured the spirit of the celebration of the Saree and ourselves.
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