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Have you ever experienced oodles of beauty and charm, unlimited dosage of laughter, non-stop madness and never-ending warm fuzzy hugs that make your heart jump out of joy? That’s what the Mumbai Saree Date was; a lavangi bomb that wouldn’t stop bursting even after the meet is over and atsunami of deep emotions that has been unleashed.

Each woman on the date was shining in her best fineries impervious to the unforgiving Mumbai heat. There was an aura about her that made everyone turn around and take a second glance. Her alluring confidence with her head held high, a mischievous glint in her eyes, that beaming smile; each woman so different, yet all of us so similar. It was almost as if our auras met to form a bigger one. It was ‘stree-shakti’ in its most raw potent form. Yes we could take on the world.

The most amazing thing about the date was that most of us had never met each other in person, but it felt as if we knew each other for a very long time. We knew each other’s deepest darkest secrets, what made each woman laugh and cry and what made her tick all thru her saree stories. There were some whom we didn’t even know thru their stories, but there was a kinship and a beautiful connect we felt, each of us.

Anju and Ally, you have no idea what an amazing, magical family (family it is, can’t find a better word) you have created. Truly words fall short to describe it. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. We love you.

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