#100sareepact Saree # 30

I am in my 30s!!
We had organised a saturday morning walk with Bangalore Walks in Lalbagh, as a part of Takshila’s birthday celebrations. Joining us were a few of our friends. It was our wedding anniversary too. The theme for the walk was Mango, to coincide with the Mango mela going on at Lalbagh. All of us were supposed to be wearing Mango colours. I’ve never really worn sarees for a walk in the park before. Chose this easy to manage printed silk in Mango colours. Arthi was in a saree too, alas, we didn’t take any pictures together! 🙁

Lalbagh is such a treasure trove that we have right in the middle of the city. 240 acres of sheer gorgeousness where every tree has a story! Mr. Vijay Thiruvady from Bangalore Walks kept us spellbound for 2 hours narrating so many wonderful stories about the trees in Lalbagh. From the tallest Araucaria cooki to the Ficus Krishnae (which gets its name from Lord Krishna, who had shaped these leaves like a cup so that he could steal butter in them!), to the ‘Strangler'(that grows inside another fully grown tree and finally ends up killing it) to the 250 year old Mango trees planted by Tipu Sultan – Lalbagh is the most accessible garden in the world, where you can touch and feel these amazing wonders of nature!

The walk ended with some mango tasting that we did, appropriately enough, under the 250 year old Mango trees smile emoticon and a quick lunch at Maiyyas.

I am now a natural in a saree. So what’s next? A hike in a saree, maybe? 🙂

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