There are many people in life we meet over and over for many reasons and we think we know them. But do we really know them? You need to spend time with them in different setting to actually know the person beyond their profession or everyday life.

That’s what happened last week, Christine came for a visit and I got to know the person behind those beautiful blouses. She was a “person” not someone who has been taking care of my stitching needs in Bangalore for last several years. (She took care of many of my blouses here too, I was shameless to utilize her skill to fix some of my blouses during her vacation time wink emoticon
We walked all over the Boston, ate and drank in various places, visited museum and talked and talked.. Talked about life, kids, society, people, religion and off course Sarees. Looks like we got another pacter.. She was so excited about wearing Saree..There are so many layer of her I got to know which I haven’t known all these years..
Her trip taught me a thing or two about strength and handwork. dedication and not giving up.

It was little late in the evening and the church was closed. Two saree clad women decided to go anyway. Ajey was very kind to drive us and also take some pictures. he even complimented on our sarees.

The Franklin commons is a very good setting. We had good time. Walkers and drivers said we looked good. and Ajey wasnt embarrassed walking around and taking pictures that was the biggest take away for me..
I am wearing a simple silk and she is wearing my first black saree. A silk from MSU. My first shopping from MSU years ago. Please see the picture in the comment.

Saree – a random shopping from Chikpet, bangles a gift from a dear friend.

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