Day 60. Ever since the golden package with that familiar handwriting on the label arrived, I had been waiting to wear what was inside. Today I took out one of the neckpieces and fished out three reddish/maroonish saris from my wardrobe. Armed with the saris and my accessory of choice, I went to my sister-in-law Sarmistha. “Which of these saris goes with the necklace? And don’t say none,” I charged. But that’s exactly what she said and I had to give in grudgingly. But I couldn’t give up. So out came this black Bangladeshi Tangail gifted by my mother-in-law and I was overjoyed when the necklace matched the sari border perfectly. The other accessories just fell into place… dokra bangle and jura pin and red and black earrings from New Market.
Joey this one’s for you my dear friend. For all those suns that you painted into my life, for all those moments of sunshine you gave me with your 1000-watt smile, your love, your care and for being just what you are. And thank you for letting me take a peek at the magical world you can create with words, the way you write makes every feeling, every emotion so tangible. Every time I have read anything written by you, I have been able to see those images, sometimes beautiful and at times painful, that you wove with your words, hear every sound in those words. You have the power to give life to words, to make them come alive. You have the warmth to bring my heart alive. Thank you for spreading such joy. Love and hugs.

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