Why Orissa Ikkats are so precious . I bought this glorious , earthy Rust and Black beauty in maybe 2005 from the Bombay Cottage Industries’ basement Saree Section. I wear it often and oh boy does it wear well !! I am sure no one will believe the Delhi pictures ( Humayun’s Tomb you beauty and my awesomely beautiful herself my Bhabhi) here were taken 8 years ago …yesterday I took it out and wore it to my Patient Support Group Meeting and it still looks and glows as good as new .
From rendezvousing at 7:30am with Pramod at the Thane Check Naka and heading to Goregaon, to being caught in the ‘Ashish Poddar bear hug’ and meeting and spending quality time with so many dear families …. Patients , their caregivers and friends and volunteers !!!
Look at the young , proud daughter of Umashankar who has cared for her even prouder father since he was diagnosed 10 years ago . From trimming his occasional customers’ hair and beards on his little pavement set up to setting up his own Barber’s shop in a Bombay suburb ..Umashankar says he owes it all to his young children who supported him without making any demands but quietly went about their studies in whichever way possible. Amma ji , he tells me : Kya karta mein iss beti Ke bina?
What would I have done without my daughter ?