17/100. These days as I walk to work, I have to do an involuntary hop, skip and jump to avoid crushing sunshine-yellow petals that have formed a carpet on pavement and the road. You see, it’s laburnum season again.

The laburnum is one of the prettiest trees – bright yellow blooms hang in clusters and fall to the ground like a blessing with the gentlest breeze. This has given it its other name – the Golden Rain tree. But, be fooled not by is delicate beauty. This species is a hardy one – having adapted beautifully to our hot, hot country in spite of being a native of the cooler climes of Europe.

Much like the delicate fabric which reached Indian shores from China via Europe in the 19th century. Yes, I am talking about chiffon – a fabric that has been immortalised in hundreds of Bollywood films and has fuelled the dreams of young men for decades.

My laburnum love found perfect expression in this bright-yellow chiffon saree that has been in my closet for about 11 years. Its delicate ethnic floral motifs make it a great favourite but it has rarely been worn. For me, wearing a chiffon needs – and means – a special occasion. A catch-up session with friends provided the perfect reason. I accessorised with a bracelet and earrings of graduated onyx beads. I sing think I did justice to this very pretty saree today. But then, that’s what repeats are for!