12/100 #100sareepact

This gorgeous chanderi from Mora by Ritika has a very painful memory associated with it. Three years back I had worn it on 24th October for the Annual Day Celebrations of Sadguru Mangeshda Kriya Yoga Foundation. After the programme got over my friend Tejal, Prado and me went to Basilico in Bandra for dinner. Prado was uneasy the whole evening and he started feeling much worse during dinner. We rushed back home and the next day his condition deteriorated so much that he had to be hospitalised.

What ensued in the following month was nothing less than an extremely harrowing time which I think back and shudder. A private hospital that wanted make a quick buck by blaming his pain and condition on appendicitis, never ending series of tests to determine what was wrong with him, running from pillar to post to figure out the right hospital, the right tests, the right diagnosis and most of all the correct course of treatment. Well things did fall in place eventually and he got better. Ever since that scare, we both have been so much conscious with regard to our health and fitness. Thankfully, living in a small town like Bharuch has its perks. Clean environment, less pollution, more oxygen, less travel time, more time to work out, farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits, wholesome milk and much more.

Today when I had to decide which saree to wear for the wedding we had to attend in Baroda, somehow I felt I should wear this chanderi. You have to agree it is a very striking saree, this lovely shade of magenta with colourful patchwork border and beautiful lambani work on the pallu. She didn’t deserve to sit and rot in the cupboard, she needed to be brought out and have a whiff of fresh air. Here was a chance to create new happy memories and forget the crappy ones. So out she came.

On our way back from Baroda we stopped over at our favourite spot on the banks of Narmada, took a long walk, ran after and scared away some cranes, seagulls and buffaloes who were grazing. It was amazing to feel the breeze on my face and watch the sun go down. My chanderi is a happy saree today, waiting for me to create more happy memories for her.