#100sareepact #sareesin2016
A Chai for Cancer Adda hosted by a Saree Pacter and how special is that ! And Sujata Mane the beauteous Pune hostess says the dress code is pink so out comes this pink batik Tussar silk.
A wonderful Adda where Sujata and her family put themselves all out and the friends and neighbours came in great numbers with so much generosity of spirit .
The belle of the ball of course was my goddaughter Baby Batra who charmed everyone and even , for a while , was the most admired volunteer as she went about distributing the Friends of Max brochures to all present.
All of a few months shy of four years Baby Batra was born to Nikhil and Vandana Batra , FOM City Chapter Leaders from Pune and I held her in my arms maybe just a few hours of being born . Whether it was that or that the young couple love me dearly I somehow became the little one’s godmother .
Ever since she began speaking I was Dadi to her . Her Dad christened me Bombay se Mod waali Dadi but I remained just Dadi to little Punya . Yes that’s her beautiful name .
I have seen Punya grow from infant to toddler to a little girl and know I will be around to see a few more of her milestones ; won her love and confidence and lucky to have engaged with her in each of the enchanting phases of her growing up . Poona is not so far away right ?
She’s at that wonderful age now when we can actually talk to each other as equals ( she’s 4 going on 15) to my 64 going on 18 ) remember and she’s allowed to look into my make up bag and wrap my stoles around her little person . And we do Pouting Selfies together or powder our noses sharing one mirror.
It’s beautiful , interacting with a little girl but not so good when saying good bye means heart broken sobs interspersed with Please don’t let Dadi go ?!
Those of you who follow me on Social Media would have seen Punya’s journey from a few months to now the sweetest and most endearing four year old.
This morning when I woke up I felt this soft form all cuddled up against me and eyes sleepily looking up at me and then brightening up in the sweetest , purest way possible ; a happy contended smile upon her lips before nodding off to sleep again.
Stay blessed little one . I know I am .