You know how mothers sometimes put away gifts you give them because they want YOU to use them? I hate it when my mother does this. So, I found a way around it by buying her sarees that wouldn’t suit me at all.

Broad borders are on the top of my to-avoid list while they suit her 5 feet-6 inch frame beautifully. Shades of cream make me look anaemic but look very elegant on her. Which is why this cream Kanchipuram cotton with a broad, colour-blocked maroon and green panel was a perfect gift for her.
But two days after she heard I was doing the pact, she had it washed, ironed and sent to me.

A full-working Saturday needed something different from the usual, so this one it was. I also gave my usual silver jewellery a miss and wore cheerful, lacquered wooden jewellery instead.

The lightness and elegance of the saree kept me cool throughout the day. And I have a sneaking feeling Ma is not going to get this saree back.

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