Saree 50/ 100 Hit the half century of the #100sareepact already! ! And to think it happened on such a special day- uncannily on the 50th anniversary of two of the most wonderful people I have ever known, who am sure are looking down from the heavens above with a benevolent smile right now!! Thought it fit to wear a beautiful royal blue South cotton silk handloom saree that once belonged to Rajeevi mami …she would have been so pleased to see me in this as she loved us decking up in sarees n jewellery smile emoticon She was technically my mom in law as she is hubby’s mom’ s sister but she always looked upon me and called me her daughter! She was such a sweetheart and used to write cute letters to me in tulu but the script would be in English as I could barely read a smattering of kannada then;) She was one feisty lady and such an entertainer with the funniest sense of humour ever! She doted on my hubby as he had lost his mother early and was so fond of him. She suddenly fell sick with a serious auto immune lung disorder and stayed in blore with us for a month-thanks to the efforts of a fab doctor here she had a miraculous recovery . I remember how she used to keep telling us to buy our own house although we being entrepreneurs were fine with rented homes.. . so when we finally built our own home five years earlier- no one could be happier than her! She had actually not been well then for a few years but still.insisted on travelling to blore for the gruhpravesham. … oh how happy she was that day! !! ! It was as if she had been living just to see that day as we suddenly and shockingly lost her a month after that!! I remember travelling to mlore by the night bus with anusha after getting the news that she was serious! ! At around 2 am,we stopped to go to the rest room and just as I was getting into the bus I felt a.tug at my dupatta… .turned back and there was no one there. . .only to see my mangalsutra on the ground as the clasp had got loose! ! Quickly picked it up scared as the elders would consider it a bad omen. Reached mlore at 6am only to get the sad news that she had passed away at around 2 am. .. gives me goosebumps when it dawned on me that she blessed me even in her last moments…even now 5 years later it gives me the chills! ! Later gathered up the courage to share this episode only with her son and my sis in laws and they felt the same way that it was she who had showered her blessings on me!! Shridhar Mama was an equally dignified noble soul who passed away peacefully last year in his sleep. .. miss them both so much but I know they will always be guarding and looking out for us with their heartfelt blessings .
P.S. So glad I could share it thanks to the #100sareepact – Found out only later that it would have actually been their 50th anniversary that day- and to think I celebrated it with my 50th saree- have always believed that there are no coincidences in life- this is simply a signal from the universe that they are still so connected to me-Overwhelmed!!

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