Calming Biege:

After my posts on colors White, Blue, Red & Yellow in the recent past, here comes sophisticated Beige.

Somber, Subtle, Neutral, Earthy Beige breathable south cotton with gold weave on the border and pallu, was my choice to beat the heat while I headed for an afternoon meeting.

Calming Beige carries some of the same pureness, softness, and cleanliness of white but is slightly richer, a touch warmer.

Why I Love this saree in particular?

Beige with gold weave makes this piece very versatile. I have loads of options to DRESS UP or DRESS DOWN.

I have paired this saree with brightest oranges to greens in the past. However I chose just a wooden statement neck piece for the day.

Color psychology says, colors have impact on our mood. I say it works both ways. You tend to reach out to colors as per your current mood as well.

This understated yet elegant & calming color Beige worked for me : )

Using Beige with other colors:

Beige can take on some of the attributes of YELLOW or PINK when touched with those shades.

PURPLE & PINK with beige gives you a feminine look.

Beige with GREEN, BROWN & ORANGE can create an earthy palette.

Black lends a touch of strength and sophistication to beige.

A touch of beige warms up a palette of COOL BLUES as well without overpowering them.

.I have to give photo credits to Atreyee Mandal Thanks a ton Atru smile emoticon

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