88/100. And yet again, I have been in a shell of sorts. It is not that I have not been wearing the saree. But I have not been posting. Somehow, the contrarian in me wanted to take a step back. And my son’s throwaway comment/ question stopped me in my tracks somewhat – “Mammam, are you now really wearing sarees just like that? Or is it still because you have to finish the pact. Has it really become a habit?” at that particular point in time, I was taking stock of my heavy silk sarees and was wondering how to fit those into regular wear. I don’t know why… But his question made me decide to slow down a little and think…

I have been wearing sarees of course – so that’s one question answered. Wearing a saree has definitely become liberated from the burden of needing something ‘special’. At the same time, I felt my gorgeous silken beauties needed a little more attention and audience so, I slowed down. Yesterday I wore my 94th saree. And it is just today that I am writing about my 88th.

A chilly winter evening. A sprawling campus dedicated to the arts. Beautiful installations and sculptures dotting the greens. And the sound of music in the air.

This evening, we went to see a collaborative dance production between India and China – and as we watched dancers twirl, leap and fly on stage, all in perfect synchrony with themselves, I marvelled yet again at the wonder that is dance… The company of dancer friends and the larger dance community in the audience made it truly an event that celebrated dance.

I was wearing a mauve tussar with yellow paisley prints in the border and palla. I had bought this saree more than four years ago but had not worn it till that day. But, this saree had accompanied my mother to various occasions, and so, this quiet beauty was used to affection. And as I found out that evening, attention as well. Quite a few compliments we got – the two of us. ?