“We are eagerly waiting for the climax”!!!!
“100/100 story should be the best”!
“Oh, you are just left with 1? 100th will be the BEST of the Lot.”
“Please write another story about your Mom, na!”
“What next? From tomorrow we will miss your stories….”

There were phone calls, long distance messages, mixed reactions and comments. Colleagues met personally and wished me as if I have been out in the battlefield, and now when it is almost over I am here to be felicitated 
Through a candid chat, a Kashmir trip and few beautiful photographs when I started my #100sareepact journey in the social media on April 30, 2015 I had no clue how this can seriously affect and change my life in such a way!
My first story ‘Jhelum meets Jhelum ‘was an instant hit 🙂
And from that time, there was no looking back; yes due to hectic life, work-loads the stories were irregular at times, but I always had the faith in me to complete this project which I have taken on a serious note.

Actually, this platform and the stories became an outlet of my life, as if I got something to cling and move on. It was an eventful year with unhappy notes. But to live, I had to sing and carry on.
#100sareepact became by friend, I started talking and sharing my feelings through each drape, honestly and genuinely!
With constant support and enthusiasm from my readers, accompanied with a firm backup from my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, I kept myself pushing and rolling.
My drapes with the stories got better, each time.

100/100 #100sareepact is my FIRST REPEAT ! (With God’s blessing I do have more than 100sarees) but this was an intentional drape since I believe one has to come back and complete each cycle of Life!
The sareepact series is not an exception.
Rather this drape makes me more complete, happy and contented.

100/100 saree is the 1/100 blue chiffon which I wore in Kashmir 🙂
I just could not stop my passion and biasness about #ShadesOfBlue!
I paired it with my full sleeves, shiny tussar designer blouse and complemented my no-make up look with heavy huge silver ear-rings got from my Kashmir trip. (A playful gimmick of Kolkata to Kashmir and back connect)
As usual Appa was the photographer, and I limited my shooting zone in my own home posing with most of my favourite sarees which I have draped for all these 8months ;)
Those 6-yards look alive, happy as if they are a part of a wonderful history in world of saree.

Dear Friends, the way you will miss me, I will too!
But everything has an end, like our lifecycle.
On the New Year Eve, I do not want to make any sad, philosophical end to my sareetale, but yes I personally believe through my stories I was able to connect so many of you. It feels amazing if reading my saree stories someone has decided to wear sarees in office. It gives a kick within if reading my article someone has goosebumps and after seeing few photos when a woman feels to love herself….

I feel blessed, happy and lucky! It is a feeling of accomplishment!!

Recently one of my peers’ has asked “….fine you are doing few candid shoot, saree drape but what you are getting out of it? Are you going to be rewarded?

I hope the friend will read my 100/100 story and can relate what I have achieved cannot be describes in words. I merely can be expressed in one two little words – immeasurable & priceless.

Dear friends, I now should end. Otherwise the flow will continue 😉
I wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous and a healthy new year.
Hope each one of my friend find peace within and lead a Simple Life, the real Mantra of pure Happiness!!!

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