From that single ‘love- drop’ of romantic surrender to all those ‘sweat drops’ of practical life, through thick and thin he has raised me to whatever I am today…. In this entire universe, if I have to believe a person without a single hitch, it will be HIM.
He is a true fighter, he is my all-time Hero, and he is my Life….. Yes, he is my Father, whom I call APPA.
My parents have a unique love story… They fought against sentimental social issues and won over lots of hearts to start a wonderful married life.
I was their ‘dream project’!
Appa was always confident that they will give birth to a baby girl; my name ‘Jhelum’ was thus finalized 4 years before I was born by him wink emoticon
How well he has foreseen me, my life; indeed I can flow like a river or by default become a river through all the odds in my life.
I had a lovely childhood- away from complexity, affluence, bitterness, unrest….I was a pampered kid yet my parents consciously kept that practical vibe of life intact.
There was sheer happiness, genuine acts with a punch of strong discipline.
But our happy story encountered an adverse twist!
My mother had to leave this world too early! Appa was shattered, lost, confused!
He was merely in mid 40s, and today I realize how hard it was for him to raise a young teen daughter all alone. But he bounced back with a bang and took the driver’s seat.
For me, he sacrificed a lot and confronted life with positivity again! He became the earlier ‘Tabli’ (his nickname) with his signature style of happiness, jokes, adda, music etc.
Over the years after so many life battles, these days, at times he behaves bit unrest. When he cannot hear properly he expresses his helplessness… and yes he thinks too much about me, my future…
But I comfort him saying, “Appa this is my turn, to give you back. The Life bus and the journey are same. It’s just that I am the driver now and you have reached your second childhood”!
Sorry Appa, I was unable to fulfill so many wishes of yours, but trust me I would genuinely try to become a good human being in life.
98/100 #100sareepact is my first Muslin Benarasi gifted by Appa during his visit to Benaras! He went to attend the Purna Kumbh in Benaras on that year.
The colour combination reflects Appa’s mind about true life and vibrancy.
It has an uncommon colour, a combination of green & blue with a contrast pallu of bright ranee colour.
But the neat, white zaree work on the borders is the piece’s USP. None believes it to be a Benarasi.
I position it, a Different breed of Muslin Benarasi. wink emoticon
Appa wants me to be happy and it is a vice versa feeling for me.
It was a fun shoot at Tun’s place when the latter was our photographer.
I made Appa wear dhoti (he is an expert for this) with a maroon smart Punjabi, (a gift from me) he looked handsome, happy and lovable soul.
To give a gorgeous look to my 98/100 story, I wore a full sleeves ranee coloured designer blouse, bright wine coloured lipstick, complimented with a bright shiny multicoloured bead- set and paired it with another necklace, a gift from BoRopushu to have that ultimate gaudy finish.
I simply love these snaps; candid, genuine and so much ‘We’ in it!
Thanks TUN.
The environment with Rabindrasangeet playing in FM at the background, a mild winter breeze, a comfortable shoulder, two favourite human being close-by,and that unlimited warmth from Appa were more than enough to create such a wonderful 98/100 #100sareepact memory…..
This story is for you Appa, the man with a ‘Platinum- Heart’ as rightly described by Jijo. (Appa’s elder brother)
Please note one thing Appa,whatever difference of opinions we may face at times in life, I simply love you more everyday…..
God Bless You, till your last warm touch!