Holi of 2015 was celebrated in style! It was a ‘Holi-Day at Office’!!!
We were hosting a special Holi bash in our green lawns; very busy and flooded with exciting & colourful guests..
64/100 #100sareepact is a brown & maroon coloured printed silk which I wore as an office wear on this day. A 50:50 patterned design, with small floral and traditional prints over the entire body.

I was receiving guests, coordinating with media friends when one of our chief guests put colours on my face from back.
It was sudden and I was not at all prepared. To save my white phone set I stood still, and accepted this colourful attack !!!
The typical ‘Holi’ colours showed their charisma soon; the final touch was done,when one of my colleagues tipped a bucket of coloured water……..

My 64/100 drape can be truly positioned as the ‘Last Drape’!
It was quite an old saree, but a loving one. I was thankfully having no make-up, no jewellery day!
I sincerely hope and pray none of my sarees face this kind of end , ever…… 🙂

Check and do empathies how my photographer friends captured my helpless, candid moments through their lenses….
My Boss too enjoyed the Indian Holi and posed with me for a shot!

Crazy,Crazy day it was!!!

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