Saree #39
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I bought this saree from Chennai in 2005 when I’d gone to Nagapattinam for my thesis research, post the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. It was a very emotional and exhausting trip where I was battling with the heart wrenching stories of the victims in the relief camps, and getting frustrated at the same time since I didn’t know the language. My translator was a darling, but one does experience a handicap when questions and answers don’t flow easily due to language challenges in qualitative research.
Anyhow, my Chennai trip would have been incomplete without my fair share of idlis and sarees. Hence, a trip to Nallis to banta tha na. wink emoticon
Picked up three gorgeous beauties, one for mom and two for myself. Like all mothers want to see their daughters married at the ‘appropriate’ age, this saree was kept away for my trousseau, whenever I chose to tie the knot. I couldn’t resist wearing the other one, so I did. I’ll bring it back from my mom sometime in the future but it won’t be able to make it to the pact!
This saree is a gorgeous brick red kanjeevaram with a very traditional gold zari, intricate weave of peacocks and all the traditional motifs. This was love at first sight. For years, my bua and me would dig into the box bed and pull it out of the cardboard box to simply ogle at its beauty.
I finally wore it to a wedding reception this weekend. Although, this was a tough one to drape and greatly tried my patience, it’ll still be a special one for me. My 10 year old trousseau saree worn for the very first time!

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