72/100 Cool wet blustery were the words that came to my mind as I looked out the window this morning and a dull grey to make it worse . Enough reason to reach out for a bright pink and orange, sort of crush proof Tussar , for I had a long day in store for me.
The periodic 9:30 am appointment with my eye surgeon meant getting out really early to beat the traffic and then kill time in SoBo . But that is a well worked out routine now and I take the incredible Eastern Freeway which gets one to Downtown Bombay from the boonies so to say in 16 minutes flat ( well, not in rush hour when the Exit and Entry gets as bottle necked as Bottle Necks can which is why I get out at 7am ) Some “time pass “ on Marine Drive , even a 20 minute walk there on some days and Breakfast at Café Ideal , Starbucks or New York Café and then I am right on dot for the appointment . If all goes well, then I am at my work desk by 10:30 am .
So today I had the eye appointment and then a late evening meeting with my patient group leaders so crush proof and bright was the order of the day .
By the time I got to Bombay there was of course no sign of the rain but blustery remained ( see hair) and Marine Drive I realised had not yet featured in Saree Pact so this was a perfect day . But I promise we will have Marine Drive on a wet day featured for sure . And those Nikes you see peeping from under the saree is not because I was going to walk today but Fractured Foot stays painless when shod . So vanity took a walk instead while I combine sneaker and saree with as much style as possible .
Breakfast today was at New York Café – a well kept secret of South Bombay whose denizens try to keep all their good stuff well kept secrets – well, almost well kept . They haven’t taken into account someone like me who goes snooping around at odd hours and unearths these gems . There is hardly anyone there but my man is there , of the red tee and beaming smile and he whips up a great Veg Cutlet and Mosambi Juice with no ice no sugar . So some quick e mails to the team re the day and then a few more pages of the captivating Flood of Fire. Great accompaniment for the cutlets . Or vice versa .
Then all set for seeing the awesome Dr Rajul S Parikh who gives my eyes the go ahead for another eight weeks . And who is wearing pink too 🙂 . Don’t know if my Glaucoma featured in the Saree Pact. Some 5 years ago I was diagnosed with the Silent Thief of sight . Silly me for not listening to it when I should have heard the warning bells it did sound . When 20 odd years ago my Ma was diagnosed with Glaucoma and I should have gone for a check up seeing it is a hereditary ailment . Anyway , five years , three surgeries and thousands of drops later and the best ever care from Dr Rajul, I do have great vision in one eye , not at all great vision in the other but am doing good thanks again to my Doc. Together we have set up a support group called Eye to Eye which is in its nascent stages and needs me to give more attention to it which I will . Eye Promise !!!
Then a late afternoon meeting over a cup of Chai at this new place in Bandra , an old bungalow converted into a beautiful Tea House …if only more heritage edifices were taken care of like this and became sustainable ventures. Met with this young lady there who is more than a very special friend, who has edited one of the most unique children’s book ever ! Look for it on Amazon : Geography with Bajrangi Bhaijan. Look for it and get it. You will not regret it .
And then back to work for a 6:30 meeting with my patient core group leaders to put some finishing touches on a project we are working to increase awareness on the need for more bone marrow donors in the country . Quite a day .
So here is that day in Saree and pictures with some of the sights and sites in my city and some of the people who people both , my city and my life here 🙂