20/07/2015 #DelhiSareeChallenge
Silver jubilee year of the ”Unworn Humble Petticoat” …
(Petticoat – without which a Saree can’t be !!!:)

In our days..(talking of 30 years back)…We used to be given different varieties of Sarees… ”Only Sarees” in our trousseau from both sides..
Some were ‘Home wear’… few ‘Party wear. .few ‘Wedding wear’.. some ‘Collection pieces’.. Few …which I had told my mom, ”I want this saree of yours. .when ever I get married, please give them to me”

The ‘pre wedding tayyari’ was of Saree falls…. pico, matching blouses and petticoats amongst other things. . Of Matching bangles, bindis, chappals, handbags etc. .

The initial years saw us wearing all those accessories along with our Sarees.. day after day. .

Till.. Few years down the line. . realisation struck. .that, ”Hey, the world has moved on. .. no one …in your circle. … .any longer
wears /wants to wear Sarees…
It’s considered down market..behenji… not trendy enough.”

To conform to the changing trends. One gave up the beautiful Saree… it got relegated only to occasional (that too) function & festival wear. .

So. .along with the Sarees..the matching accessories. .. obviously also lost out in the process. .

Now .. 30 years down the line. . With A Pride in wearing one’s Heritage. . Through the #100SareePact of Anju Maudgal Kadam n Ally Matthan.. And with the revival of confidence n self esteem for the timeless garment.. one is taking out all old/new Sarees. .. with it all the old petticoats. .n blouses( provided they fit… of course 🙂

Wearing a 30 year old petticoat… one from my trousseau. . Which has like. ..not been worn at all in the last 25 years. . Due to it’s unusual colour. .

Feeling very good too.. wearing it with a Moonga Kota printed Saree with a woven border. Teamed it with a South cotton brocade blouse …

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