Series of Family reunion for past 4 days. .
Both the daughters Superna Khandelwal Rawat and Megha Khandelwal Mohan. .came home for couple of days. .

Niece..Shivani Garg.. came just for few hours. ..

Followed by my nanad Rajni Khandelwal Aggarwal who came home for dinner..with her family…today…

In our earlier days. ..after I got married. .
We used to wear 2 to 3 Sarees.. a day .. most days. ..
In the morning, after taking a bath. …
In afternoon..to go for some lunch ..
And at night for another dinner/party.. or just after taking an evening bath. ..

Today… after coming back home from lunch. ..while changing into my mom in laws Bengali Cotton Saree.. I was reminded me of those days. .

But….. Let me share with you all one fact. ..How so ever we may wear Grorgettes n Chiffons…with fancy embroideries and Fancy blouses..
Nothing to beat A Handloom Handwoven Cotton Saree with a 2×2 rubiya blouse to feel and look cool. ..in this hot and humid weather. ….
#100SareePact with Ally Matthan Anju Maudgal Kadam

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