#12 This is plain green tussar silk, golden kinaari and with purple, blue and green mixvines on pallu with camels on it. One more beautiful saree from my mother-in-law wardrobe which was given to me after she passed away. I am wearing my peacock blue blouse with velvet bel (vines) on it.
This printed pallu is almost a meter long and print starts from shoulder itself making it more unique, rich and lovely.
There are vines I am wearing and the vines I am glancing.

So, is with life. There is scepticism. There are compromises. Just like grey colour, which is a compromise between Black and White. We live our life in different shades of grey. That’s the way it is. Clarity always makes things monotonous and predictable. That’s is the beauty of life too. We don’t know what is there for us in next moment. That unpredictability makes life more interesting.

The grey’s will always be matched with some shades of brightness and we are going to be in pink of mood and smiling like glittery stars.

Such is life.Take chances. Embrace happiness. Life is too short!

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