23/07/2015 #DelhiSareeChallenge
Thursday – Pitambar – day of yellow. .

Few of us..Hindus. .. do the Bhagwaan ki sewa as an elaborate daily ritual. .in our mandirs at home. .We put him.. in his ”idol form” to sleep. .wake him up. .bathe him. .do the Shringaar. Lagao bhog. . Do the Aarti..etc. . All according to one’s own inclination ..
We do not have any hard and fast rules for worship…

Similarly. .Few of us are taught and are inclined to do the same for ”The God”.. within us. .. We are taught to revere him within us and in others as… ”The Power” that makes us all see, hear, taste, touch and feel…

This body is ”His Temple”..so. .we need to feed this body, keep it neat and clean. .to decorate it ..only . for ”the one”. ..that resides within.. ..

We are taught to know the impermanence of it All.. ”Everything passes away” so. .We seek to know the Permanent Aspect in one self and others. ..

Being a yellow day – while dressing up God today. .in my mandir.. at home. .made him wear yellow vastra..

Then ..as I had done for God outside. .wanted to do the same for the one. .within. .

The hunt for the summery yellow colour Saree saw me standing yet again. .in front of my mom in laws closet. .

Saw this lovely beauty. .Kora cotton silk with quilted flower patchwork done in a subtle elegant manner. Finished with poly silk border. .Saree didn’t have fall.
Asked mom, if she remembered kahan se aayi. She said .she didn’t remember at all. .

But. .The Saree was too pretty to ignore. . Teamed it with a Mangalgiri woven cotton blouse .

Upon reaching the store a little late. .after a meeting. .daughter in law Aditi B. Khandelwal exclaimed , ”Mom, this was a gift for dadi ma from my mom. . Dadi ma hasn’t even worn it once. .”

I said, ”Oops”.. ab kya ho sakta hai!!! Now..the deed is done. .
Thank you Sangeeta Bahl..for the lovely Saree..

Anyways. .on reaching home. mom n dad were as usual. .so happy. .just to see me in a Saree. .

#100SareePact Ally Matthan Anju Maudgal Kadam

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