16 years ago when I moved to Norwood from Singapore little I knew that I would be writing this post.

An apartment complex in a foreign land I found my real friends. Friends for life and their kids soon became mine. Little I knew that they would introduce a new town to us where I would move before them. Little I knew that I would celebrate their joy as mine.

Divya has been my friend for that long when I was young, slim and what not. ( a post about her some other day) her daughter was less than two when I met her. Pooja was a cute little girl who knew that aunties were her best friends when it came to all junk food and sodas. She was an adorable kid and could work her charm on any one and we would do anything for her. Time flew, I have seen her grow and I tell you I am so proud of the woman she has become. Very passionate, considerate, selfless and strong woman celebrated her graduation last weekend. I couldn’t have been happier and prouder. We would miss having her around.

I wore another Kosa from special shopping lot. A green plain with border. The Saree is one of the 5 I got in 2012. I was too busy having fun didn’t have a single picture of mine.I know I look like household help but looking pretty wasnt in my list that day. After the whole day of partying you can see Joy, happiness, pride on my face not the tiredness. We love you Pooja and wish you the best.