#Saree 49

Essence of India. – Few years ago when Sunanda asked me to help her out with her event, she exactly knew what she was getting into and what she wanted me to do. I was the one who had no idea how this event is going to impact my life. Since then it has been an integral part of my life. Every year I look forward to learn something new, see something amazing. It could be a medley of various dance styles from India, other year Geet Govindam from various Dance Guru’s in Boston..
This year the event was a collaboration between Indian and Chinese community. The Chinese kids dancing on “Jai ho” was the highlight for me this year. For me this portrayed what Sunanda imagined.

Sunanda had a vision and Seema is one of the go getter. These two ladies together made a difference in our community.

I am lucky to be called the stage manager and very fortunate to be part of this event. My job is to see things run smoothly. Event starts and ends on time. and Artists are taken care of.. With the army of wonderful volunteers and participants I practically don’t have to do anything.

I wore this Kalamkari for the event. When everyone in Saree pact was talking about Kalamkari, I needed to have one. Got this one from a fellow Saree pact-ers. Couldn’t wait to wear it and EOI was a perfect event to showcase my love for handloom. I loved wearing it. It was very smooth and soft material and still looked pretty after hours of walking and talking. my flower remained intact after hours. I wish I had taken a picture before the event.
A press release about the event – http://www.lokvani.com/lokvani/article.php?article_id=11279
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