25/100 – Revisiting Marriage!!!
Back after almost 2 weeks..no reasons for sudden vanishing..but just that it didn’t happen…Friends asked no more sarees..we are waiting….but the wait was worth it 
So here I’m with my 5 friends at Chennai to attend a friends daughter wedding..We booked the tkts the moment we came to know thr is a wedding and we can be together to have fun.
I’m dressed in a Kanjeevaram (it’s my wedding saree). Am wearing it almost after 15years and while I was wearing it the anxiety, insecurities that I felt during my wedding suddenly popped up. I’m sure the bride wud also be in a similar situation as I was….No matter whom you marry but unless you accept your partner with your heart and soul you cannot solemnize your relationship. You have to be mentally prepared to get exposed to all kinds of sensitivity and vulnerability that comes along with a lifelong relationship. You need to be prepared to stand back to back, facing all sorts of situations life throws at you. It’s not about choosing the right partner but about choosing to live with honesty, transparency, deep love, devotion, openness, vulnerability and trust. Marriage is not just a legal decision but also a spiritual one…….

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