Its been raining all evening and night…
The plants are all green and glossy. ..
The skies are still grey and gorgeous. ..
So to match the grey , grey sky and the odd grey strands beginning to surface…I took out another old favourite of mine..a soft Italian crepe which I had picked up on one of my trips to the local wholesale cloth market in Kanpur with my mashi…got some heavy silver zardozi work done on the blouse and so did not experiment too much with the saree. But along with the grey strands..have been added a few extra kilos …which means I no longer fit into that blouse..so this had been languishing somewhere towards the bottom of the same steel trunk. I have casually paired it today with a black top I picked up from Janpath on my recent trip to Dilli which has heavy silver embellishments on the neck and my favourite grey saree has got a new lease of life today. I also wore this one to my first ever Officer’s Mess party.

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