This copper sulphate and pink combination Bomkai silk saree of Odisha does complete justice to my love and passion for Odissi dance form. Always dreamt of an Odissi performance in front of an audience but never knew it would take 41 years for this small dream to get somewhat fulfilled- what a way to get fulfilled_ a self-choreographed Odissi performance based on Woman power in front of a huge audience. Just soaked myself in that moment. This made me believe that age is not a bar for any dream to be pursued and can be fulfilled if followed passionately. The saree has been draped as a half saree to give it a look of the Odissi costume. It has been folded lengthwise in such a manner that the border falls like a fan shape near the pleats. Accessorised with traditional filigree ornaments and the beautiful Odissi headgear. This saree an integral part of this passionate journey towards a small dream somewhat fulfilled!

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