I do swear Chicago and sarees go well together ! My third in three days in the prettiest Downtown ever in the U.S. where we are celebrating my niece’s wedding and #51 of the Saree Pact is a printed silk in muted tones of orange and mustard. It seems just right for the bright sunny morning as I walk down the two blocks to the Morning After Brunch hosted by the Newly Weds . It is also the saree the Bride’s parents gifted me in honour of the wedding . This city is so beautiful and it glowed today in the muted light as the sun burst through the mist that still hugged the tops of the skyscrapers till late in the morning.
Another reason I love Chicago is because even before I can say Saree Pact the random guy on the street is happy to take pictures ! The young father sitting with his family sipping his Father’s Day morning coffee at Starbucks was such a sport and saying he loved the saree insisted on more than just one picture and different backgrounds for each while his little kids watched and giggled all the time !
I doff my hat to the young , brand new couple who, despite the long wedding day yesterday , were there bright and early welcoming everyone .
Equally welcoming and warming to the senses was the Bloody Mary on offer ( a wedding justifies a Bloody Mary during Brunch right !?!)
And I am so delighted I could meet young Christopher once more before saying goodbye . This is the young man I totally lost my heart to at the wedding … Look at his captivating smile will you ?

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