7/100 sareepact
Music soothes the soul, and most of us love to listen and appreciate it. Some of us do get bit by the bug of trying our hand at it. Being a Tam brahm, have gone thru the routine of training in karnatic music as a child. I really did not appreciate the importance of voice training then. Later ,during my post teens ,tried out my hand at playing the Sitar ,but before I could get a good grip on it I got hinged into marriage and domesticity. Music took a back seat, grappling with new atmosphere around and an innate shyness to practice in front of just made relatives! Kids, transfers, inertia in initiating music lessons etc. took me further away from my love for melody and rhythm.
After many many years, finally we settled into our own house and music came back to me and introduced me to this extremely warm group of people who have become extended family now. I had a slight bit of a hand in introducing my hubby into Saptak (a group of music lovers from our community who try their voice at singing Bollywood numbers) and soon I too joined the group and went ahead to belt a few songs that were highly satisfying to me though I do not know about the others. Saptak meets every month and we try singing our choice of songs accompanied by musicians. It’s something we look forward too and have created beautiful memories in the process.
Yesterday was our meet for the month of June and I wore this beautiful purple Tussar silk Saree and wore a contrast Kanchi cotton blouse. The quaint purple jumkis in terracotta and a unique quilled neckpiece from Aurovile Pondicherry gave a different look to the Saree! I sang ‘ Holae Holae sajna ‘ and ‘ Yeh Ratein yeh mausam’ ( with hubby dearest😜) and had a wonderful time.

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