The brown coloured silk Baluchari, contoured with heavy work in black, portraying mythical stories in aanchal and body is my first Baluchari and 20/100 of #100sareepact

Saree Story
Baluchar Sari (Bengali:বালুচরী শাড়ি) is a type of saree, worn mostly by women across India and Bangladesh.
Two hundred years ago Baluchari was used to be practised in a small village called Baluchar in Murshidabad district, from where it got the name Baluchari.
After a flood in the river Ganga, and the following submerging of the village, the industry moved to Bishnupur village in Bankura district.
The saree industry prospered in Bishnupur, Bankura during the reign of the Malla dynasty.
When Bishnupur was the capital of Malla dynasty, different kinds of crafts flourished during their period.

Temples made of terracotta bricks were one achievement of these rulers. A major influence of these temples can be seen in Baluchari sarees. Mythological stories taken from the walls of temples and woven on Baluchari sarees, is a common.

Saree Moment/Occasion
For long, I longed for a Baluchari saree.
End of 2011, during my first visit to Bishnupur I picked up this wonderful art piece.
I also relate Bishnupur a lot with Appa. Our Father-Daughter duo vacation at Bishnupur recently was an ultimate trip.
One can describe this as an inner journey for both of us, realising I have becoming the guardian and he the child! A role reversal you see 😉

Today’s photographs are either taken by him or with him, while I flaunt my first Baluchari like a saree model!
Moreover the specific shot with Appa, is one of my all-time favourites, since the two most important men witnessed, and created this wonderful candid moment of my life; Appa in front, my beloved behind the lenses.

On the occasion of this year’s Father’s Day, (though it is indeed a bit clichéd; since each day is Father’s Day, especially for me) I would love to dedicate this to Appa and rewind this warm, happy memory of my past.

PS: After finishing this photo collage I actually felt the colour of the saree has actually merged perfectly with the bricks of the Bishnupur temple …or I am too much into the shades of brown today!! Eh….! 😉

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