#100sareepact (2/100)

After the classic red and green combo, this is another favourite – black and red. Guess many of us have a love affair with the colour red 🙂

This saree is 48 years old and the flower prints are my Maasi’s fabric hand-painted work. Back in 1967, these were called ‘imported’ sarees. A feather-light nylon, it is soft with a kind of grainy feel to the texture.

Feel immensely thrilled to be wearing something my Aunt showered her love towards and it is still with us 48 years down the line. Noticed a couple of small tears on the pallo edge, but wore it anyway.

Paired it with a red crochet tank top, brass earrings, wooden bracelets, a red and gold beaded wooden pendant hand made by a friend.

Wearing a saree after four years, for four hours last evening, I ran an errand at the pharmacy and hospital, took the car out for a drive, and landed up at one of my favourite chaat shops for dinner.

Got a whole lot of stares from people known and unknown. The known ones showered me with compliments since me in a saree is a rare lunar sighting 😛 and the unknown people at the hospital and chaat shop must have wondered what on earth I was up to. I also noticed that NONE my age were clad in a saree, either western casuals or salwar/churidars, much like the way I am usually dressed myself.

Special love and thank yous to my aunt Asha Kamath, who owns a gorgeous saree collection, and fellow sareepacters (you all know who you are!) who encouraged, teased, cajoled me to join the #100sareepact. To borrow a cliched tag line – I’m lovin’ it!! 😀

So why is this being called the ‘F’ saree?

– Flowers that were Fabric painted by hand!
– Forty-eight year-old saree!
– Fabric is as light as a Feather!
– Wore a saree after Four years!
– Wore it for Four hours! Drove around town and even ate chaat…and hence…
– FUN!!

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