An Uppada saree from MSU, gifted by, hubby dear. One of the few saree shopping events that he has ever come for. Purchased over a couple of years ago, I have worn it a couple of times. Decided to wear the saree considering that we are having double celebrations at home. Our Anniversary – 22 years, and Amma ‘ s 74 years.
From the time Maapillai stepped into the wedding hall, the only thing that was constant was the rains. It poured throughout the day and did not let up at all. People did not turn up for the reception. People who did walked in like ragged dolls. My mom’s brand new pochampalli from Deepam Silks was one big mess of colors. Poor lady had to change into another unplanned saree. My sister ‘s tailor did not give her the blouse and she wore a borrowed salwar. 😈
And here is the fultu twist. I did not know where we were going for a honeymoon till late into the reception. I had given my passport to then fiance, and forgotten all about it. He kept telling me that we are going to Nanjangud. 😈😈😈😠 When he was planning on us going to Kenya, all the time. And my mom was pretty upset that I had not told her we are going to Kenya. And never really believed me when I told her I didn’t know… 😡😢😕 And for someone who had never sat in an airplane before, I went through 3 legs of flight hauls to reach Nairobi and promptly fell sick in Nairobi – food poisoning!! Jeez!!
And till date it has not rained as much or not at all on Jun 14th…

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