A soft silk in yellow with a Ganga Jamuna border. And a double shade blouse length.
My favorite festival. No naivedhyam, no big pooja but just fun and frolic all the way.
Have always had new clothes for Deepavali. Remembering the fights over crackers, sweets, who ate more, who ate even more, getting holes in new clothes as we are too impatient to change into work clothes and then getting thrashed for getting the holes.
Those days only on two occasions would one get new clothes – birthday and Deepavali… Unlike now…. Are we privileged or are our kids better off? Did we Enjoy more or is the Gen Y enjoying more. Always debatable!!
And like Bill Clinton said, the young look into future and the old reminisce the past…. You decide which half you are on…. Am off to burn some money….err…. Fireworks…. Happy Deepavali!!!