A beautiful fuscia pink Chanderi gifted to me by Satadipa Arindam Das and Arindam Das in Kolkata last month …I fell in love with it immediately and couldn’t wait to wear it. Happy I chose this special day when in her beautiful home my friend of 36 years the lovely Dianne Dianne Diaz held her Chai for Cancer Adda
Dianne and her adorable husband Jorge and my husband Venky and I go back a long way . Colleagues in the oil refinery in Venezuela in the late seventies the two men discovered that they were surely brothers ; so amazing their camaraderie and bonding ! While we girls just knew we were soul sisters and more ! I would need to write a book to tell you about our wonderful half a dozen years together and the other thirty we spent with the oceans between us . Today , as I spend time in their midst with their daughter, my little Christina Diaz who has her own little ones now and eat the perfect breakfast that only Jorge can dish up and help drape the Saree for Dianne and laugh and hug and reminiscence together and welcome their friends in their home to raise a cup and drink to ‪#‎ChaiforCancer‬ I cannot stop marvelling at the blessings the Universe has seen fit to favour me with…

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