Saree #26

We all do we need to do, ought to, should and have to and sometimes we wish to do.

But sometimes we just get tired, feel like giving up. This is the time you hold on to goodness around you. That simple joy “you are not alone” keeps you going and help you get through the day.

My this saree is a tribute to one of those set of people. Franklin SEPAC, Special Education parents advisory council. These are the ladies who volunteer to put many things together. They have everything to keep them busy what each of us do plus some more but still they spend their time organizing activities to educate special parents. They are the one to whisper in your ears – ” you are not alone”.

I went to a workshop last Wednesday night. I do wear saree often but wouldn’t have draped one for SEPAC meeting if not for Saree Pact. That evening I was thinking what would be a better “thank you” than writing about these ladies. I have met them just couple of times but know that they understand me more than many of people who meet me often. They understand and listen and listen without any judgment.

Hats off to you – Sara, Sarah, Holly, Caryn, Jennifer, Jen, Nancy and anyone I missed.

About the Saree – a simple saree Bought by my sister Varsha from Surat. very easy to drap. after getting the dinner ready for the boys I had to leave in 15 minutes. So this saree was a perfect pick with touch of blue for Autism Awareness. Thanks to Saree Pact Pandey boys know that Saree means a picture. So when I got out of the room Anand offered he would take a pic. The first picture outside of our house is from Anand, The second is selfie in SEPAC office and third one is taken by my man when I got back home that night (who was still awake wink emoticon. 3 shades of Jaya in one frame – Mother, Jaya and a Wife..

The group agreed to be in the picture with me. some of them are my FB friends and have seen those colorful Saree pictures. so were not very surprised when I told them about why I was wearing a saree, Thank you ladies.. You all rock. #Gratitude

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