I live in Boston, There was”Badshah-e-Romance” A wonderful musical show by two dear friends. Its been an honor and privilege to be part of that team. They all are awesome people.. For the first time my son decided to accompany me. And It was a pleasure to have him there.We had fun dancing behind the audience. He saw what his mom does when she is out for these musical gatherings with the pen and paper in hand walking all over the place.
The dress code was – color of Romance, I chose this red saree. It is from Rajguru Selection. Sonakshi Sinha rocked it in catalogue. My dear friend Sunanda was OK to stand next to me even I didn’t look like anything close to her cousin.
Aai, (Smitas mother) is visiting Boston, I so loved having her in the show.
Thank you Meera and Mohan. You guys are amazing and thank you for making me part of the team