Monday evening at the Rotary club, to attend an Anthakshari competition, inter club, and landed up singing a couple of songs. A fun evening with friends, I like being with. Draped the saree in Gujju style to add variety and oomph to the saree pact!! Wearing a silk cotton gifted by my sister in law Gayathri Krishnamurthy, to celebrate a special occasion.
Seen here singing the sexy number from Saagar, Jaane do na…. 😉. I surprised, no shocked, myself as I could remember a fair amount of the lyrics. I am a die hard Tamizh songs fan and this was too much even for me…… Or maybe it was because Kamalhassan starred in it …. ☺😆
To add insult to injury, I even sang Jaane jaa from Jawani Deewani with the lead singer from the band. And he complimented me on the singing. And no he wasn’t being polite, so get those thoughts out of your head. 😈 And after that I almost suffered a heart attack!!! So decided to call it quits when the going was still good….. Maybe I should try singing full time…. 😎 I can hear the others say, Escape

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