A lovely evening with my friend mini and her daughter Deepika at Atta galatta. I have been looking forward to watching the cineplay of nandita dad s directorial venture. Though I want too sure what cineplay was going to be, but was expecting the regular live play and was looking forward to seeing nandita dad. But it turned out to be a film sreening, it is called cineplay, which is a theater performance, filmed so that the reach can be much beyond the usual theater…good concept, but theater enthus like me were not quite satisfied as liked seeing the play live..it somehow makes it more real… Let me tell you all a bit about this play. Beautifully done, the script and the execution may give the male audience a feel of strong feminism ( anything with focus on women is feminism , right ? ) but many of us may be able to relate to the inner struggle that women go thru in the day to day life, balancing and prioritizing their ambition and duties…we still hav a long way to go…but we are there, making small progress every day…thankfully the play ended positively, where her husband, tries to see her point of view… Nicely executed, would have loved to see it as a live play in nice theatre settings… Now for the saree story,I had this cotton saree, which is brand new, got tempted to wear it for the play today… Mini offered to click snaps for my post today..thanks mini and deeps for the lovely evening