Today’s saree is a beautiful dark -pink silk , with cream patterns in the entire body, and black floral designs in the border.

Saree story
I mark this saree as a unique piece; for it’s ‘Living’ nature!
Confused? Surprised?? Don’t be. Am explaining the Theory!!! ;);)
Whenever I drape this particular saree, it has a tendency to grow and my aanchal gets longer in the end of the day. On the contrary,all the falls stay intact.. ..hahaha
I simply believe it was never a 9 -yard; there was a miscalculation in manufacturing measurement!!! HAHAHA

Saree Moment/Occasion
When I wore this as an office -wear, immediately felt, it was a bit too bright! 🙂
(trust me, with a catchy designed blouse paired with a wine coloured pearl- set, the saree looked an ultimate evening party-wear)
Well, I realized I was really glowing pink naturally for the intense color in this sunny morning.

One of my colleagues uttered, “You are blooming like a PINK flower today”!!
With this small comment, my saree story blossomed naturally…

The Flower shop in the ground level of my office showcases beautiful fresh flowers for guests every day.
Chrysanthemum (all the pink shades) and oriental Lily caught my eyes.
I forgot where I stood; I was lost in a cozy ‘Flower Land’ and literally felt glowing, pouring, radiating PINK….of all shades…

Quickly surfed Google, colour Pink represents ‘compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing’…..

Yes indeed, an ultimate moment got captured, when my ‘Living’ Pink Saree” found a ‘Live’ compassion in that cozy Pink Bush… both thrived perfect for 12/100 story.

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