11/100 #100sareepact

A simple kasavu, some hot gossip and a fiery yet entertaining and comical Kangana Ranaut… TGIF 😀

My weakness for kasavu’s could be becos of the fact that my Amma hails from Kerala or that it’s the most comfortable cotton one can drape. My love affair with kasavu’s started when as a small girl I used to visit my maternal grandmother in a small village called Perambaoor near Kochi. She had a beautiful ancestral home with acres of land around it. My paati had an amazing number of flowering plants in her garden and apart from that lots of jackfruit and plantain trees. I have seen my paati cook, clean, garden, play and do just about anything in a kasavu saree. Even as a girl I would be fascinated by this beautiful six yards of soft cotton and play with paati’s pallu, wrap it around my face and arms to feel its softness. I would love to put the pallu on my nose, smell the fragrance and breath thru the fabric. I would accompany my paati every day to the village temple and instead of holding her hand I would tug along her kasavu, skipping and singing all the way. Longingly I would look at all the women, many of whom would also be wearing the ‘kasavu half saree’ or ‘set mundu’ with lots of mallipoo in their hair.

This particular Kasavu, I picked up a couple of years back from Kochi when we had gone for a small vacation to Kumarakom. The small border of gold brocade with orange against the white seemed to call out to me from the bunch of sarees we saw. So I got this beauty home and added to my ever growing collection of kasavu sarees 😀

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