#100sareepact (6/100)

Vatsala in a moss green cotton with mustard motifs and gold zari borders. I bought this saree in 1998 to wear at my cousin Shalini’s engagement ceremony. It was to be a close gathering and back then I was on a major trip about not buying silk. Don’t have a pic of that evening (thank goodness!). This saree still remains a favourite even after all these years.

Picked this up from a well-known saree boutique in Chennai. Not sure if it still exists. The boutique had some beautiful collections back then. Since I wasn’t comfy in sarees (i.e. until the #100sareepact!!) I would wear them only as often as lunar eclipses probably occur!! I wasn’t a saree wearer or so I kept telling myself. Maybe I had psyched myself into believing that. Maybe I think all the sarees I pick up for myself look best on my lovely Mom. 🙂

She was a li’l tired the day this pic was taken and yet excited to pick up some home-baked goodies for her dear friend, Kanchana Aunty and their family since their son is returning to foreign shores after a visit here. The jute bag also happens to match today’s attire!

Mom is always a sport and ever ready to pose even when she’s not really in the mood. My Mommy bestest! 😀

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