I have known Smita since 6th grade, we became “good friends” in 7th grade. became “best friends” in 9th Grade, and we were a gang soon enough when Shilpi and Abha became our friends, In college we really were a team. All so different people but so appreciative of each other. Today is the day for Smita..
Smita and I were so different, she was one beautiful girl who could sing, had long hair, a perfectionist and choosy about her friends. I was one rowdy,loud, leader, debater and writer and binadaas girl who could make friends anywhere and with anyone. Imagine those years from 7th grade to Masters. But we both had a mutual respect for each other. Our friendship grew stronger with our age. We shaped each other in many way. We were each other’s strength.
I read, learnt and knew a lot about music ( I just couldnt sing) so I would get her the song and lyrics and she will sing for me. She was my portable player. I noted down 100s of lyrics in a dairy for her in my perfect handwriting. those were the days. Our friendship wasnt limited to us only, we became family.

32 yrs and more, we grew, worked, got married, had kids but we always remained “special friends”. kept in touch by phone and wrote letters. made sure to meet whenever I am in India.
Even now we are miles apart we still are the same. She lives in Bangalore.She is one of the best “Gift Shopper” she got me this Saree couple of years ago. Last week it was her Bday and I wore it this Sunday for a lunch thinking of her.