I was gifted this parrot green and red classic handloom saree at the time of my wedding. I was 25 at the time and my idea of sophistication was to wear dull colours; this was easily my least favourite saree. The only other time I’ve worn it was on a trip to Rajasthan years ago, when all my pastel and earth toned sarees were summarily rejected as unfit for a newly married bride. I remember traipsing around in this saree, worn over a white petticoat (I only had white, black, brown and maroon ones) and even catching it on a nail and tearing it rather badly. Of course the saree, in good Indian tradition, was mended (raffoo, in Hindi) and it sat in my cupboard all these years till the #100SareePact dawned. I’ve changed immensely in 14 years and I no longer shy away from bright colours. Much of my Rajasthani sasuraal has steeped into me and here I am, enjoying the tota (parrot) theme and even accentuating the saree with a typically Indian look, replete with red bindi and temple jewellery.