6/100… @ #100sareepact.
Well you know some days you’re not quite out there … Today was one such. Had to go to work, tried to make things work, too… And finally decided on this pure cotton block print bought from a friend Sima Chakravarthy , but there were surprises!
Subroto Roy just wouldn’tn let me step out without taking this photo, among a few others…
This saree honestly, means more to others than I!
Someone today felt it and said it’s so soft.. I first wore it for Durga puja and so many said it was beautiful … I asked my daughters and they said go for it… One of them clicked pictures too! So there you go… Some sarees are for the onlooker.. The connoisseur, the admirers.. Here’s to you! Calling it Nazaakat as a friend suggested!